the limited edition of things

we are passionate about creating beautiful, unique things for your home or workplace.

Xitable works with and alongside carefully selected partners to bring you beautifully made, desirable products containing up-cycled materials to provide you with either a rare limited edition or one-off talking piece in your home or workplace.

watch out for our product updates and new releases

we’re working on some amazing new products.

Announcing our first unique product – the amazing Vulcan Bar. Who wouldn’t want a bar made from a Vulcan aircraft?

This is just the first of many new designs and products that we will soon be releasing on xitable.com so we’ll be busy with writing new website content in the coming weeks and months, showcasing the amazing ideas and quality of work from our partners and collaborators.

We will be showcasing limited and unique editions along with beautiful lighting ideas for you home or office.

So check out our latest news articles to see what we’ve been up to and what we have planned.

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