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The Resin Spinner Dining Table

The Resin Spinner Dining Table is a beautiful blend of burr elm, hand-made steel work and original decommissioned CFM56 Jet Engine Parts.

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The Fokker Dart Chair

The Fokker Dart Chair is a gorgeous Italian cowhide chair in brown and cream on a steel frame from a Fokker F27 Friendship mid 1960's.

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The CFM56 Compression Hub Table

Xitable is kicking off a table range with this gorgeous, limited edition piece that will sit very happily as either a dining or meeting room table, comfortably seating up to 10 people.

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Terminator 2 Pinball Machine

From one of the most memorable and explosive movies of the 1990's, this Terminator 2: Judgment Day pinball machine makes a great addition to any pinball arcade or collection.

Now ONLY £3,500.00
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Table-top Dragonfly

Xitable is pleased to introduce the beautifully crafted Table-top Dragonfly - a gorgeous sculpture to have at home or in the office.

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Maximillion the Dragon

Maximillion has been created to offer a totally unique way of gaming, offering the user an immersive experience by sitting inside the Dragon and playing retro games.

Now ONLY £3,500.00
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Hip Lamp

Our unusual, bespoke and totally unique Hip Lamps are created from unused metal hip replacement joints (yep), aesthetically combined with select aviation parts.

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Gazelle Gaming Table

Here at Xitable, we rather like this limited edition gaming table, with the case being a tail boom section from a Gazelle helicopter.

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Cable Reel Retro Gaming Table

Xitable has worked very closely with local company RENND to develop an exclusive retro gaming table in the form of an industrial cable reel, engineered and developed from scratch.


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Avro Vulcan Bar

The Vulcan Bar is made from an original decommissioned rear jet pipe exhaust cap from a Vulcan Aircraft.


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