Xitable is proud to announce the launch of Maximillion the Dragon – a stunning upcycle sculpture created exclusively for Xitable, by David Palmer of DAPPR Aviation.

Maximillion is an upcycle marvel, having been created from hundreds of aviation parts.

He forms the first of a limited-edition series of just 38 sculptures and each one will be both different and unique in their own right.

The part list is comprehensive, and we will be happy to talk for hours if you would like. However, examples of some of the many parts are as follows:

  • CFM 56 engine parts, pipes, fuel parts and gears – as used in DC 8’s, and Boeing 707 and 737 aircraft
  • Airbus A-320 landing gear components
  • Boeing 737 700 NG flap (the rear door)
  • Rolls Royce Dart engine parts – as used in Boeing Flying Fortress, Fokker F-27, Grumman Gulfstream & many others
  • The British Aerospace 146 (also BAe 146) engine cooling parts
  • and many more…

Maximillion has been created to offer a totally unique way of gaming, offering the user an immersive experience by sitting inside the Dragon and playing retro games.

Users can also plug in their Xbox or Playstation and play like never before.

There is more – Pro-Gamers can open Maximillion’s Boeing 737 700 NG (new generation) wing flap door and drop their favourite gaming PC inside for the ultimate gaming experience.

Prefer Flying to Gaming?

Please talk to us and we will happily change Maximillion’s joystick panel to offer an Xbox flight simulator, complete with Yoke and Pedals.
If you would prefer to have him as a gorgeous sculpture and piece of art then just let us know. We will happily meet your requirements to ensure Maximillion provides you many years of pleasure.
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Xitable will be introducing more products made from sustainable materials, and up-cycled hand-crafted furniture, art and sculptures made from engineered aircraft and helicopter parts over the coming weeks.

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